Oh the feeling …

Oh the feeling of discovering QUALITY independent online beauty spaces …

Make sure to click over to Lime with Roses and read Ally’s beautiful words on the importance of choosing Certified Organic for yourself & your little one.

In conjunction we’re gifting a complete Divine Baby collection with the final days of entry being this weekend. Deets are in the article!

The power of touch …

It is through our hands that we first speak to our child.

Touch is a child’s first language.

Understanding comes long after feeling.

~ Infant Massage Australia

Our Therese is currently mid way through an accreditation course with IAIM on baby massage.  To complete it, she has to teach five mums and babies the art of infant massage, once a week for five weeks!

If you would like to learn the art of infant massage and you’re based at the Gold Coast or Northern NSW (or would like to travel) please connect with us via email for more information.



A baby detox …

Did you know that the average baby in 2015 is being born with more than 200+ chemicals in their little bodies?

Detoxing is a great choice for Mum ~ preconception, pregnancy or early motherhood ~ & is a great way to help baby have a clean start at life.

Here’s 5 easy ideas …

* More water, less caffeine.  Keeping hydrated with a good water source helps those toxins to flush out as they should.

*  Walks in nature.  Gentle exercise is so beneficial to your body.  Even more so when you’re outside breathing fresh air, enjoying sunshine & observing nature.

*  Eat clean.  Whenever possible cook fresh with a Certified Organic food source.

*  Harness the power of nature in your home.  Choose non toxic cleaning choices.

* Make the swap to Certified Organic personal care.  60% of what you apply soaks directly in to your blood system.  We recommend our range of course!  SHOP DIVINE here …

We’d love to hear your detox stories or ideas.  Join the conversation on The Divine Company Facebook.

The best of healthy choices …

Getting back to nature … as nature intended.

Have you ever noticed when you choose Certified Organic food it not only tastes better but is richer in colour & certainly lasts longer?

We’re so blessed in Australia to have access to Certified Organic food choices.  And often they are so affordable when you pre purchase or purchase in bulk with others.

This collection is via @organicangels in Melbourne … We’d love for you to share YOUR favourite fruit & vegetable markets or home delivery options with us … where’s your ‘go to’ for the best fresh choices?

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