Nurture yourself beautifully.

Our collection is created with premium Certified Organic & natural ingredients purposed to nurture & nourish your body & soul.  Here’s a little taste of what’s included …

To Hydrate …

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera juice has been used medicinally for thousands of years in many cultures. It has 200 nutritional substances including minerals, active enzymes, vitamins & amino acids. It moisturizes the skin by increasing water retention & also contains natural antibacterial properties.

To Antioxidize …


The antioxidants in Certified Organic Rooibos Tea are over 50 times more powerful than green tea. Rooibos is loaded with minerals & has known calming properties.

To Nourish & Protect …

Avocado, Rosehip, Jojoba, Macadamia & Coconut Oil.

These are premium oils typically found in facial products. Nutrient rich, oils technically don’t moisturize, they nourish & protect. Acting as a premium barrier to lock in moisture, our oil choices hold fine properties that penetrate the skin but won’t block your pores.

To create an Antibacterial Environment …

Lemon Myrtle & Lavender

Essential oils have antibacterial, anti fungal & antimicrobial qualities. We harness the power of nature when we include these ingredients in our products.

To Enhance Emotions …

Essential Oils

Essential oils hold nutritional properties & will nourish in medicinal ways. Aromatherapy properties have the power to affect your emotional & neurological state. Key oils in our products are ; Cedarwood (grounding properties), Lemon Myrtle (energizing properties) Rose Geranium (emotionally uplifting) & Lavender (calming properties).

Our preservative systems …

Bitter Orange Extract, Certified Organic Ethanol, Sodium Chloride, Bicarbonate Soda.

The first step to ensure our products are preserved naturally is to ensure the correct combination of ingredients. It is imperative our combinations don’t cultivate or ferment. Secondly we harness the natural preservative power of nature with the inclusion of natural Ethanol, Salt & Bicarbonate Soda. When used in small amounts they maintain the natural integrity of the product ensuring purity & preservation.

Remember!  Choosing Certified Organic beauty & personal care is your only guarantee that what you are applying is free from synthetics & toxins.

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WIN TIME! We’d love to bless a beautiful lady with a complete collection of Divine by Therese Kerr & Divine Man PLUS an online meditation experience with Tom Cronin.

In conjunction with our #adivinelife chat earlier this week with Tom, share with us a picture of you in stillness and how your world benefits. Be sure to tag in @thedivinecompany, @stillnessproject & #divinestillness ~ The lucky winner will be chosen this coming Sunday.

“The Stillness Project is a movement. It’s not about Tom Cronin. It’s about people. Creating a community of people that are going to sit in stillness daily & the collective shift that will come about from that.”

MORE at …

Blessings …

When blessings just drop out of the sky …

This August we’d love to GIFT you with a free Certified Organic Divine by Therese Kerr deodorant.

Containing the highest quality natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Rooibos Tea combined with the pure essential oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang … it will arrive to you with the purchase of our Hand & Body lotion.  


Good enough to eat …

This week we’re connecting with the very lovely Nat & Anna of Real Food Revival.  Based in the beautiful Margaret River in Western Australia they’ve just recently hosted a Educated, Empowered & Chemical Free event with us.  We adore their wellness passion, philosophies & product edit …  if you’re travelling in the area, a visit to their co-op is a MUST!

In line with our connection we’re giving 2 gift packs of our newly released Certified Organic Blissful Baby collection & a copy of Nat’s book, My Dinner Plate is a jungle.  To WIN head on over to @thedivinecompany instagram & share with us a picture of you & your family ~ be sure to hashtag #mybabyisdivine ~ our winners will be drawn this coming Sunday!

Nat, Anna … when did you first connect with The Divine Company?

We first met Therese in Sydney at the Mindd Foundation Conference. It really was a life changing experience and Therese’s presentation really opened our eyes to the next part of our journey. Her presentation was absolutely compelling. Therese’s passion for health and own life experience shines through her. She is an extremely generous person in sharing her knowledge and is very down to earth and approachable. Her inner beauty is her most obvious quality, you feel it the second you meet her. She also has a great sense of humour, there’s a cheeky little twinkle in her eye and we love that.

Tell us about what you’re up to with Real Food Revival & your new book …

Nat; I am a Mum of three and one half of the Real Food Revival.

I became hugely passionate about nutrition after exploring ways to help my eldest son, now 13, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. Through nutrition we have been able to soothe many of his characteristics of Autism, and even reverse some.

Anna; The other half of Real Food Revival, has been on her health journey for some time. We spur each other on with our passion for all things health ~ it’s more than just food right!?

We live to offer people knowledge that empowers them in their own homes to create healthy lives for their families.

 “My Dinner Plate’s A Jungle” was inspired by a love of nutrition. It was literally a dream that would not leave Nat alone!  I knew so many people dealing with picky eaters and I felt this story would help. It’s a really positive, fun, imaginative story. It’s not preachy and parents and kids will love it.

We are currently writing another book, ‘A Real Food Lunch Box’. This is a much different process and more involved but it’s equally rewarding. We hope to have this book out by the end of August this year.

Your thoughts on all things Certified Organic … why is it important to you?

We used to think “if it’s on the shelves it can’t be that bad”. Now we understand how poor the regulatory structure is and how the majority of chemicals go into our products aren’t even tested for safety! It is very scary stuff. I don’t want to compromise my families health in any way, my kids are the world to me. So many products are “greenwashed” and labeling can be so deceptive. So many products claim to be “natural” and “organic” yet they contain many broadly toxic ingredients. Even plant based, herbal, botanical products can still contain chemicals and pesticides. I only trust certified organic because it safe. It’s beautiful and nourishing to use and it supports my families health.

How are you growing your Certified Organic lifestyle at the moment? What are you learning about and implementing?

 There are many areas we have been growing and improving in our organic lifestyle. I get fresh organic produce at a very reasonable price from a farm not too far away. It’s pre-order and comes in box so its very convenient too!

We have replaced all of our families body and skin care products with safe, certified organic ones and they have all been such a treat to use, the kids have loved them. We have also replaced our cleaning products with a very simple regime – all fragrance free and safe products. The house is a calm and gentle place to be.

 Plastics are next and we have made the switch to glass. It has been a process and its something we keep building on, we lay one foundation and then take the next step. It’s a nurturing, sustainable way to live and I am proud to pass this information on to my children, so they can pass on to theirs. I think the future is a bright one.

 We have also started a local co-op in our town, Margaret River Whole Foods that provides ONLY safe and certified organic products. We want this lifestyle to be accessible to absolutely everyone so offer very inexpensive products that ALL families can afford. We spend a lot of time researching our products so people know when they shop with us that can trust completely that what they are buying will be what it says it is – certified organic and 100% safe. We would encourage everyone to consider starting a co-op in their towns and creating an organic lifestyle movement!

Have you experienced any challenges in growing your Certified Organic lifestyle?

 Yes definitely! So many times I have bought a product thinking I was choosing a healthy choice only to find I had been tricked by labeling. The app Chemical Maze has been a blessing since and I would encourage everyone to get it! That’s also why I love Divine by Therese Kerr, because I can trust I am getting a beautiful product that is what it says it is ~ no tricks or small print, just certified organic and safe. She’s done all the hard work for me!

Your thoughts on our new Divine Baby collection?

It is absolutely Divine! I can see how much research and love has gone into developing this stunning range. I think a new life to the world is such a blessing and you want to use nothing but the best for our special little ones. You can use these products safe in the knowledge that they aren’t damaging like so many of the regular brands that are promoted for our babies. It is such a special time in a familie’s life and using these gentle and nourishing products can be such a wonderful part of that bond between parent and child. My favourite is the Mummys Tummy & Body Oil – it is so luxurious and smells incredible.

Nat & Anna’s DIVINE 5 in ‘HOW to grow your Certified Organic lifestyle’ …

  1. Get the facts. See Therese speak if you can, I couldn’t recommend it more highly! Definitely get the app Chemical Maze and educate yourself on just WHY certified organic is so important.
  1. Connect with like~minded people and ask questions, there is a wealth of knowledge in these communities and by sharing we all benefit and grow. I really love the way this lifestyle brings people together, it’s a really generous community, we all have the same goal of health for our families.
  1. Join a local co-operative, shop local or get to the farmers markets. Ask questions from the people selling food. It doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or hard, you very quickly get in the swing of where to source your food from and it just becomes part of your lifestyle. The food tastes better, is fresher and is better for you.
  1. Replace your personal care and home products for certified organic and safe. They are a treat to use and you will have a happier home for it.
  1. Replace your plastics for glass. It keeps things fresher and is nicer to use, and you are exposed to none of the plastic nasties.

How can we help you grow your work in the world …Where can people connect?

We live in such a fantastic age of connection and want to make our knowledge accessible to everyone in the world. We have a website with fantastic recipes and a store – We also LOVE hearing from real foodies on our facebook page Real Food Revival Facebook we have a great community and really get a kick out of hearing peoples own health journeys, and seeing what they get up to in the kitchen. We post a lot of info and recipes on there and it’s a really interactive page.

 We are also on Instagram @realfoodrevival and love connecting on the hashtags #realfoodrevival & #kidsinthekitchen

Why life is better with succulents.

We loved this simple little flat lay by Organic Avenue (find them in Bondi & Paddington).

How are natural lifestyles grown?

With small changes.  Adjustments.  Improvements.

Plants make a wonderful introduction to ones life.

Succulents are a perfect choice if you’re still ‘upskilling’ your green thumb (like most of us) …

They improve the air quality of a room.

They make you care for something outside of your self.

They improve your memory intention.

Being around nature is healing.

If Organic Avenue is keeping theirs alive … we all can.

Plant a succulent today.

We’d all love to see your Certified Organic lifestyle …  Be the inspirer of change & tag us in with #adivinelife whenever you feel inspired.

Join the Divine Circle.  A VIP experience talking inspiration, wellness & Certified Organic beauty.