We’re looking to make some noise …

We believe that health is our most valuable human asset.

As a brand and a circle of women we are looking to be a voice that stands for the health of our future.

The most recent report from the World Health Organisation (2102) states that;

Semen quality has dropped by 40%

Genital malformation in baby boys has increased by 400%.

Miscarriages / Pre-term pregnancy – at an all time high

It’s time to look clearly at the causes of these health challenges and seek new choices for our selves.

FACT ; Chemicals are being used in cosmetics/personal care products in Australia.  The majority are released onto the market on the basis that they are safe until proven unsafe.  

With 60% of these chemicals soaking directly into our bloodstream (& more so, if they are applied under your tongue, under arms or genitalia) …

Certified Organic is simply our best choice for us & our children if we are seeking to avoid synthetic chemicals in our lifestyle choices.

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How to journey well …

Journey well this week Divine soul. Find your light & share it beautifully with the world.

If you’ve got some travel pending (blessed soul) you will enjoy this video of Therese speaking with Jessica Sepel ~ sharing on clean eating when you’re away from home.


Make sure you carry our Divine by Therese Kerr Certified Organic Hand Sanitiser!

A baby detox …

Did you know that the average baby in 2015 is being born with more than 200+ chemicals in their little bodies?

Detoxing is a great choice for Mum ~ preconception, pregnancy or early motherhood ~ & is a great way to help baby have a clean start at life.

Here’s 5 easy ideas …

* More water, less caffeine.  Keeping hydrated with a good water source helps those toxins to flush out as they should.

*  Walks in nature.  Gentle exercise is so beneficial to your body.  Even more so when you’re outside breathing fresh air, enjoying sunshine & observing nature.

*  Eat clean.  Whenever possible cook fresh with a Certified Organic food source.

*  Harness the power of nature in your home.  Choose non toxic cleaning choices.

* Make the swap to Certified Organic personal care.  60% of what you apply soaks directly in to your blood system.  We recommend our range of course!  SHOP DIVINE here …

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Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed when you are unwell you become grumpy, short tempered, unable to see the bigger picture, more focused on just your ‘self’?

When you are feeling WELL ~ operating with premium health & your highest level of vitality … you feel inspired, full of energy, ready to create … ?

Have you ever wondered what would happen in our lives, in our families, in our communities, in our world … if more of us were feeling WELL?

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Why life is better with succulents.

We loved this simple little flat lay by Organic Avenue (find them in Bondi & Paddington).

How are natural lifestyles grown?

With small changes.  Adjustments.  Improvements.

Plants make a wonderful introduction to ones life.

Succulents are a perfect choice if you’re still ‘upskilling’ your green thumb (like most of us) …

They improve the air quality of a room.

They make you care for something outside of your self.

They improve your memory intention.

Being around nature is healing.

If Organic Avenue is keeping theirs alive … we all can.

Plant a succulent today.

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