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Divine Monthly Moment: Sharing the Divine Melissa Ambrosini!

Our April Expert is the incredible Melissa Ambrosini! Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, Melissa’s work has inspired women across the globe through her live events, books, booming online community, game-changing online program Get Your Glow On, meditations and keynote talks. Inspiring women to live their wildest dreams and create a heart centred life and business is her mission. In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self doubt so that they can start truly living the life of their dreams.
Welcome, Melissa!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Witnessing women transform their lives, have breakthroughs, ah ha! moments, realisations, following their dreams, launching their dream business, falling pregnant, getting healthy and going from living in a place of fear, to a place of love. What could be more rewarding than witnessing that type of powerful transformation. It truly lights me up and is what makes my heart sing. I wouldn’t change what I do for anything. I love it!

What is non-negotiable when it comes to your health?

There’s a few such as eating organic, drinking clean water, meditating, moving my body in a loving way each day, self care, using organic toxic free products, choosing loving and healthy thoughts, feeling the sunshine on my face each day and making sure I belly laugh every single day. These are my daily non-negotiables that make me feel fabulously healthy.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Jess Ainscough was and still is my biggest inspiration. She taught me so much about life, love, passion and being of service and continues to be my biggest teacher today.

When you’re having an off day, what motivates you?

Whenever I am feeling a little flat I always go and do something off my Self Love Menu (which you can download for free from my website), the Self Love Menu is designed for those times when you are feeling a little less motivated. It’s super important to be gentle with yourself when you feel like this, then go and fill yourself up. I love connecting with nature, doing a few yoga moves, meditating or just sitting a breathing. This really helps me come back into my body and almost always once I have taken a few moments for myself the motivation and inspiration comes flooding back in.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

I couldn’t narrow it down so here are 28 things I would tell my 18-year old self about health, wealth and love in the hope that I could spark some curiosity and plant a seed for her future…
1. True wellness starts in the mind. The thoughts you think are more powerful than anything (including the food you eat).
2. Daily movement is essential for happiness. The key is to enjoy it or don’t do it at all. Find something you love or find the love in what you are doing.
3. Meditation is the best kept secret on the planet for sanity, relationships, happiness, work, and creativity.Try it!
4. Your body is your temple! Treat it accordingly.
5. Your health must be a priority. Without it, you’ve got nothing.
6. The media is really good at selling you loads of toxic products and foods that you don’t really need. Don’t buy into it. Keep it simple, baby!
7. You can make money out of following your dreams.
8. Money is just energy. Don’t put too much power in it and don’t let it dictate your decisions; let your heart do that.
9. You don’t need to go to uni, do a masters, get five degrees or come from a rich family to start something that matters and to be ‘successful’ (whatever your definition of success is). All you have to do is find what lights you up and do that. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
10. The more you give, the more you get (but don’t give to get).
11. Having an abundant mindset is a daily commitment and is imperative in order to experience abundance in all areas of your life.
12. Having a good relationship with money is vital.
13. Investing is a good idea as long as you have fun with it.
14. Anyone can run their own business, all you gotta have are balls.
15. Reading, learning, growing and evolving is what we are here for. Make sure you continue to educate yourself. If you are not growing you’re dying.
16. The work you do in the world is your self-love barometer.
17. Discover your passions and purpose in life… then live them..
18. When you show up with a desire to serve and add value, you become a magnet for money.
19. True love starts from within.
20. Self-love is a daily commitment and needs to be executed with conviction.
21. Self-care must be a priority and at the top of your to-do list.
22. Making love with your soul mate can change the biochemistry of your entire body.
23. Your soul mate will come when you are bursting with love for yourself first.
24. Your relationships are a reflection of you and you are a reflection of the five most prominent people you spend your time with.
25. How worthy you feel is reflected in all areas of your life, included your love life.
26. Choosing love over fear is essential and it’s a moment-to-moment practice you need to embrace with your whole heart.
27. Finding the love in every situation is imperative in order to grow and evolve.
28. Choosing to do all things out of love instead of fear will make your life infinitely better.

What is your biggest passion in life?

Being love and giving love. These are two things I feel so deeply passionate about and things I want to continuously embody and give to the world. It lights me up from my core and I believe this is why I am here on earth.

What do you think we can do now to improve the environment and the health of our future generations?

Oh there are so many things we can start to do today such as:
1. Heading to your local farmers’ markets and getting your weekly produce from them.
2. Switching to chemical free home and beauty products.
3. Recycling.
4. Stop consuming as many material products. Try not to buy anything new for a month and just use what you have.
And remember that you vote with your dollar. Every time you purchase something you are saying I believe in this product or service.
You can find Melissa on her website and social media, links below! Stay tuned for next months feature, who we will be interviewing will be announced in the coming weeks!



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Divine Monthly Moment: Sharing the Divine Nat Kringoudis!

Welcome to Divine Monthly Moment, this month we sat down with the incredible Nat Kringoudis. Nat is a mother, doctor in Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. Nat is also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, and producer of HealthTalks TV. We adore Nat and all she does for health and wellness, she helps thousands of women around the world who are struggling with fertility, which is often a tough and highly emotional battle.
So, without further a due, Welcome Nat!

Tell us about yourself? 10 years ago did you see yourself where you are today?

10 years ago I’d just graduated as a herbalist. I have zero idea what was in store and to say it’s been a smooth ride is a fairly big stretch of the imagination – it’s been wild and fantastic! I remember telling my mum way back then, that someday I’d be making a difference in peoples lives and that I’d be known for it. In my heart of hearts I wanted to make a BIG difference. 10 years ago I wasn’t sure of my vehicle to do so, but I knew that I wanted to ensure all avenues were leading to this.

What inspired you to do what you do?

Firstly it was helping women achieve the gift of ‘fertility,’ but as I continued to treat women wanting to have a child, I had that light bulb moment – instead of ‘fixing fertility’ when it was broken, we must maintain fertility ongoing. Fertility isn’t a switch we can flick on when we are ready to conceive – fertility is a gift we all receive at birth, it’s up to us to nurture it.

You have an incredible Natural Fertility and Women’s Health clinic in Melbourne called “The Pagoda Tree” – what do you aim to achieve through the clinic?

I want to empower women and take the fear out of ‘fertility.’ After all, it’s so much more than having a baby. By educating women and having them clued up on their ‘lady parts’ we can immediately do this – knowledge is power, and by understanding your body, you no longer fear the unknown but can embrace the changes that may be happening. What’s more you can then utilize the symptoms your body is showing you everyday to map out a treatment solution.


What is the biggest misconception you believe women have when it comes to their fertility and overall reproductive health?

In my experience we’ve been conditioned to think we can simply stop taking contraception and our bodies will swiftly find it’s groove. This is, for many women a disaster – they find themselves in a situation where not only does their health take a dive, but their menstrual cycles don’t necessarily return. If women have been prescribed contraceptive medication as a treatment method (remembering it is a contraceptive and by no means ever designed to ‘fix’ they body), to me this is a disaster as it doesn’t actually treat the root cause, but more so the symptoms of a bigger issue – take PCOS for an example. Simply using the pill as a means to treat the symptoms will never actually address the hormone imbalance – it may assist for a short term to alleviate symptoms but very often issues start to sneak their way in. Always coming back to trying to beat understand what is actually going on rather that to only fix evidence of illness is the clincher.

You’re a mum to two beautiful children, how has becoming a mother changed your life?

It’s taught me to love on an entirely new level. I actually never understood the concept of our capacity to grow in love until I had children. They light up my world and I’m forever grateful in the experiences and challenges the bring daily.

How do you balance your career with motherhood?

I have a wonderful tribe of people who support me. I love the saying, ”it takes a village to raise a child,” but I think we need to take it one step further – it takes a village to be a human being. My husband is my rock and we bend like bamboo together. There is no way I could do what I do without his help alongside of very other important people, be it friends, family and a great team at The Pagoda Tree and Nat Kringoudis HQ. I have always had the greatest support with my parents engraining in every fibre of my being, that I can do whatever I set my mind on – something I draw on every day. I feel so blessed.

What advice can you give to new mothers?

Create your community. To think we can do it alone is unrealistic. Your community, is your support system – other mums, family, friends – your cheer squad. We can’t survivie without it. I always think how we once (as women especially) spent time together in every day life, working together, talking, sharing and supporting. Jobs got done because of the support team women would establish in the family tribe. We need to come back to this idea because we’ve lost it along the way. Never be too proud to call on your team and of course you’ll reciprocate in return.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Oh wow – what’s not to love? Helping with the gift of fertility is so multi facet. I love making womens lives better. I love enriching women (and men) and I just love sharing with people because I really do think there is a story to tell.

What is your biggest passion in life?

Spreading the wellness message – it all starts with what we can do in our own homes and certainly not something we need a tertiary degree to begin your wellness journey.

Tell us about your latest book, “Well & Good”?

Well & Good is the grown up version of my first ebook, Fertilise Yourself. I wrote Fertilise Yourself, to help couples get their bodies on track to conceive. But I quickly realized that those people who were keen to make an awesome little person needed little convincing, they got it and they devoured the book. It occurred to me, that if I could reach out to young women when they were being diagnosed with conditions like hormone imbalance, Poly Cystic Ovarianne Syndrome, Endometriosis and alike, I could make a difference from the beginning – to help women fix issues when they arose, not when their bodies were long broken. It certainly was the turning point of my career – and whilst Well & Good is all about getting your fertility on track, it’s so aligned to our vision of spreading the truth about fertility. Fertility isn’t something you switch on when the time is right – it’s something we are gifted and birth and need to simply understand and learn how to nurture it.

What advice would you give to you 18-year-old self?

Diet and Lifestyle is absolutely key to paving the way for long term wellness – it is that simple.

What do you think we can do now to improve the environment and the health of our future generations?

We need to firstly understand our bodies and educate ourselves around how they work. When we understand ourselves better, we can take the fear out of the unknown, which can often lead to us making uninformed decisions which can have terrible long term health effects. My heart longs for every woman to spread this message to everybody she loves – to being this ripple effect in changing young women’s lives and setting us up for long term fertility and well being.
Thank you for your time beautiful Nat!

If you want further information, you can find Nat on:

The Pagoda Tree

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