Divine Baby – The world’s most, gentle, Certified Organic Baby care products on the market

The Divine Company Certified Organic Baby products are so gentle and mild and are the highest quality certified organic products on the market. Soothing for the skin, the Divine Baby products are a must for any health conscious mum who understands the impact of chemicals on not only her own health, but on the health of her family.

Nutrient rich with incredibly nourishing ingredients, the Divine Company Baby products will leave your babies skin gently cleansed and moisturised with an ever-so-light hint of certified organic Lavender and Chamomile.

According to Professor Marc Cohen, one of the fastest ways we detox as a woman is to have a baby, we pass our fat soluble chemicals (the ones stored in our fat cells and there are literally thousands) to our children in utero. Another way in which we detox as a woman is through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the only superfood a baby should have if possible, however, we need to ensure our bodies are as clean as they can possibly be before:

  1. Planning to have a baby
  2. Breastfeeding

How do we ensure our bodies are clean? We remove as much of the chemical burden we place on our bodies every day by way of switching to eating certified organic foods and using only certified organic products. Not only will this help our baby, who will not have the same detoxification ability as us, but also help us to

  1. Remain healthy
  2. Help improve our hormones
  3. Help minimise weight issues

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