The purest, most concentrated, highly effective Certified Organic Personal care products on Earth

The Divine Company produces the highest quality, most effective certified organic personal care products on the market today. All of the Divine Company products are certified organic through Australian Certified Organic (ACO), one of the worlds most stringent certified organic bodies. All of The Divine Company products are highly concentrated, antioxidant and nutrient-rich and highly sort after. The Divine Company Hand and Body Lotion with its Lemon Myrtle, Rose Geranium and Cedarwood scent profile and incredible skin nourishing compounds (we have received the most heartwarming and beautiful testimonials – refer the testimonials section of this website), the deodorants have been reported on numerous occasions as “the only certified organic deodorants that actually work” and the Naturally Bronze Self Tanner according to Merelda Pace (Head Buyer at David Jones, (Australia’s leading Department store) is the best self tanner she has ever used.

The Divine Company Certified Organic Personal Care range consists of:

  • Hand Wash 400ml
  • Hand and Body Lotion 400ml
  • Hand Lotion 90ml
  • Moisturising Body Wash 400ml
  • Charcoal and Peppemint Tooth Mousse
  • Refreshing Mouth Rinse
  • Fresh Breath Spray
  • Petitgrain and Pomegranate Deodorant
  • Rose and Grapefruit Deodorant
  • Berry and Cedarwood Deodorant
  • Naturally Bronze
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub
  • Replenishing Lip Balm
  • Sanitising Hand Gel

The Divine Company also produces the highest quality certified Organic Men’s, Baby Care and Age Defying Divine Woman Skincare products.

We are now stocked in America, have online stockists in China or you can simply purchase direct at The Divine Company .