Conventional everyday products contain a high percentage of obesogen, endocrine-disrupting, absorption-enhancing chemicals now wrecking havoc on our bodies and our delicate endocrine (hormonal) systems. It only takes a minute amount of synthetic estrogen to cause disarray to the endocrine system and that is true for both males and females…

There are now currently over 10,500 chemicals alone found in skin, hair, beauty and personal care products and only 13% of these chemicals have ever been tested for safety in cosmetics over the last 30 years.

The cosmetics industry is unregulated and because of the allowance of so-called “cluster” ingredients like, for example, “fragrance” (that alone can contain up to 4000 chemicals and be listed as one ingredient on a label), no one other than the manufacturer really knows what chemicals are actually in the products they are using.

Chemicals are deemed safe by the manufacturer of a product. There is, without question, little or no testing in relation to that chemical let alone its impacts when combined with other chemicals (which is the case with conventional products, they are made up of an assortment of chemicals).

Unfortunately, as a society we treat something as safe until such time as it is proven unsafe – which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Because our skin doesn’t have the digestive enzymes available to it that our digestive system has, our skin, is said to absorb chemicals up to 10 times quicker than by way of ingestion. 65 – 70% of everything we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream and organs. The high rates of cancer, endocrine disrupting disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, depression, etc are increasingly being linked to the high levels of toxicity in our bodies and blood and out of necessity I believe Certified Organic products will become commonplace in our society and so it should.

Certified Organic, contrary to “organic”, “conventional” or “natural” is fully regulated. This simply means that to be certified organic a company has to have full traceability of each and every ingredient contained in any certified organic product from 5-7 years pre-planting of the soil (dependent upon the certification companies regulations) to dispatch of the product at warehouse.

Certified Organic is the only guarantee a consumer has that the products are free of the T.E.A’s, D.E.A.’s, Glycols, Parabens, Synthetic, Artificial, Sulfates, GMO ingredients, Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde derivative ingredients commonly found in conventional products.

A certified organic product is only certified organic if it displays the words “Certified Organic” and also displays the logo of the certification body. For further information please see “Why Certified Organic?” to educate yourself further on this subject.

We were never designed to put chemicals on and in our body and although we have been led to believe that all are safe… sadly that is far from the case.

So our team has developed a range of Certified Organic products…

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