I’m eating Kale, now what? – Why the green content of your diet is so important.

So what is all this hype about Kale, eating lots of green vegetables and even perhaps boosting your greens intake by taking a greens supplement? Is it really necessary or is it just another fad, heightened by some big company or celebrity?
Well, I’m sure you have all heard it before, “Eat your vegetables or you can’t leave the table”. It’s nothing new and I can guarantee you, your parents weren’t the only nasty parent making you eat your greens! On top of this, if you are a parent or grandparent now, I’ll bet you’re saying the same thing to your kids and/or grandkids.
So why do we think that the rules no longer apply to us as adults? Vegetables have been around for thousands of years and they are an essential part of our nutrition. Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals which prevent disease and keep us youthful. Green vegetables are in a whole separate league above even all the other colours. Why? Greens contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a very important biomolecule and is critical in the photosynthesis process. It allows plants to absorb energy from light (the sun). So essentially, when you eat your greens, you’re eating energy and boosting your life force. Pretty awesome, huh?
Does this change your perspective on green vegetables? It sure does for me! Each time you know you NEED to eat your greens, be excited! Know that you’re fueling your body to be vibrant and full of life and energy to be just like all those luscious, beautiful trees and plants outside of your window… bright, glossy, luscious and standing tall! That’s a little better than the ol’ “oh, not Broccoli (insert various other greens here) again, I’ve told Mum and Dad how much I hate this – erghhh!”
If you know why you eat something and you know how good it is for you, it will even taste a little different to you. Your perspective begins to change. Don’t get me wrong, your brussel sprouts won’t taste like chocolate but you will be more accepting of the green flavours, unlike how you were as a child. You aren’t being tortured anymore; you’re doing the absolute best thing for your body!
Now, I have to confess, I, like most of you, never feeling an overwhelming urge to eat 1kg of Kale and I certainly don’t get a big kick out of a big bowl of steamed, unsalted, unflavoured green anything. I know some of you do but I don’t, and I know I have a few others on my side of the fence. So… how do we increase our greens so we can enjoy them and the whole green-eating experience?
Here are a couple of ideas for you to increase your greens intake. I, even a plain-greens rejecter (and a pretty basic cook too), can easily whip these up and eat them, and actually enjoy all of them too!
Get stuck in to your scrambled eggs for brekky and throw in as many greens as possible. I love to you kale and broccoli and always with lots of herbs and sea salt.
Coconut-Avocado-Smoothie-599x400 What would a GREENS 101 article be without a couple of GREEN SMOOTHIES??
Here is one of my favourites to get you started: Coconut Avocado Smoothie – You also have the option to add Bare Greens to this mixture for an extra boost. This recipe is excellent for hard gainers who need a delicious calorie boost which high quality ingredients, rather than reaching for high calorie junk food.

Tips to remember:

• Vegetables grow in the ground. They don’t come in a packet covered in sauces. Each vegetable exists in its own right – 1 ingredient, no added flavours, colours – 100% natural.
• If you really must buy frozen vegetables, buy organic and locally sourced.
• Eat your greens either raw or lightly steamed or blanched. This will maintain the integrity of your vegetables ensuring you receive the highest vitamin boost possible.
• If you’re having simple meat and 3 veg (AKA greens), add a knob of organic butter and Himalayan sea salt – the butter is high in lauric acid which is cancer protective and the Himalayan salt will boost your mineral uptake by providing your body with all 84 trace minerals.
We can all get a bit stuck or short on time in our busy lives and even with our vegetable intake, it doesn’t hurt to boost our greens. We can never have enough of this goodness, right?
It is also worth mentioning that all greens are beneficial. The key to knowing what’s good and what’s even better is the depth of the green colour – the darker the green, the more chlorophyll it contains. So, eat dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, rocket, and even dark herbs are fabulous little powerhouses to add to your meals and smoothies. Cruciferous green vegetables have an added benefit by improving oestrogen detoxification and of course have all the other benefits of greens too. These are eg. broccoli, cress and bok choy.
Remember… variety is the spice of life and your body loves you to mix up your selection so grab a few greens of your choice daily and experiment. Before long, you’ll feel vibrant and light and wonder how you ever lived your adult life without your fabulous greens! So now that you’re experiencing the wonder and\\ power of plants, especially greens, in your own body, next time someone asks you, “I’m eating kale, now what?”, you won’t be able to hold back your excitement and beneficial info pouring off you tongue. The personal body feedback speaks for itself! Your parents knew what they were talking about afterall.
Still not convinced of the benefits of greens? Stay turned for more greens articles. I could talk about this topic all day! In blogs to come, I’ll go a little deeper in to the benefits and the various processes in the body which are enhanced by the lovely green content of your nutrition.
With love,
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