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Sharing #adivinelife


Kudos to this beautiful post by @_chasingrivers_

It could be a sunset, a beautiful slow meal, an artwork your working on, a tree, your family, your favourite book, a park you visited … the ideas are endless.

We want you to keep an eye out for #adivinelife moments that are all around you ~ moments when you feel peaceful, loved, connected to nature, inspired to grow your health … and share them with your friends.

This month we’re gifting a COMPLETE range of Divine by Therese Kerr, Divine Baby & Divine Man. Over $500 of Certified Organic bliss for you & your family.

Because our heart is to grow a Divine VIP Circle that’s inspired about growing their Certified Organic lifestyle and helping others do the same.

We believe by sharing your #adivinelife world you just never know who you could inspire to greater health & wellness.

Each month, the winner will be drawn by a creative panel. The more you enter, the more inspiring you will be & the more chance you will have to win.

Have fun, be creative & inspired. There’s no right or wrong ~ #adivinelife is simply about sharing your inspired world.

Always tag your photos with @thedivinecomany & #adivinelife

We can’t wait to see what you want to share with others … #goodluck

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