Lunchbox Solutions

Discover amazingly tasty organic superfood recipes and information for you and your family!

This incredible new digital book by Therese Kerr, Chef Kate and Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani offers step-by-step recipes, informative videos, and loads of fantastic tips on how to vastly (and easily!) improve the health of you and your family…
Over 50 Tasty Superfood Recipes

  • Healthy Lunch Ideas for Everyone
  • Includes a Multitude of Free Resources
  • All Recipes Gluten-Free!

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We are so excited that our iBook Lunchbox Solutions is such a hit around the world topping the charts in numerous download areas globally on iTunes.

Our goal is to impact the planet in a healthy way and we are doing just that. What a blessing it is to know that more and more people are becoming interested in their health and committed to revamping their pantries, creating nutrient-rich recipes and giving their family optimum health.

Let food be your medicine. Health happens by choice, not by accident. By providing information on every aspect of health and wellbeing, alternative therapies and natural medicine, people will hopefully be in a position to educate themselves.

Take from this site, our books and my soon to be released books, whatever it is that serves you, leave what doesn’t and in the process hopefully you will be left in a position where you can make informed choices as to your health.

Ever since Lunchbox Solutions was released in May 2012 we have received countless beautiful testimonials/reviews from people who are loving our book. I wanted to share some of these testimonials with you. To hear that our book is helping make parents lives easier and that the information we have provided in Lunchbox Solutions has encouraged someone to eat healthier and take better care of themselves truly makes our heart sing.

Here they are,

“WOW! Wish I had such a comprehensive guide when my kids were starting out at schoolI Full of fantastic, easy lunch ideas, healthy, tasty suggestions and nutritional info. My kids are in the last year of secondary school and uni and the ideas are still approriate and useful. Not only do I love the food but my teenagers do too – our harshest critics! As a primary teacher I wish all parents had access to such information.I’m postive it would improve the children’s health and their learning. Lets get this book out there!!”

“My eldest grandchild is already at school and two (of the five) are starting school this year so it’s timely for them to be able to start the school year with good eating habits.

I believe Lunchbox Solutions is a MUST for all parents – and grandparents. This ebook explains the basic information we ALL need to know in an easy-to-use, interactive and straightforward “Mum-to-Mum” approach. The videos provide an extra touch that reinforces the personable and understanding nature of the authors as well as their credibility.

I’ve ensured that my daughters have copies of this book but it will be helpful for me also when the grandchildren come to my place. I’ve downloaded the three recipe books subsequently.

I can now feel CONFIDENT that my grandchildren will be eating foods that will assist them not only through their school years but throughout their lives.

My thanks to the three professional Mums who so thoughtfully developed Lunchbox Solutions.

“What a fantastic free book! The combination of authors makes for a truly well-rounded and “something for everyone” kind of book with so much fantastic info in this stunning, easy-to-read multi-touch format. As a parent I’m so glad to have found this, and I’ve already downloaded a couple of the amazing recipe sections as well — I can’t wait to get stuck into making some of those tasty healthy treats for the kids (and me too of course! haha).”

“This book is like a little piece of heaven, it has made my life SO much easier. As a mum I try my best to feed my children the healthiest food possible, but this isn’t as easy as I’d like to be as I’m always stuck for time and often find myself running to the super market at the last minute to grab anything I can! I always said to myself, “wouldn’t it be amazing to have a little chef that I could just take with me to the shops and have in the kitchen that could advice me on everything I need to prepare a quick, easy, healthy and delicious meal that my kids will also love!” Well Lunchbox Solutions is my little chef! Also making it an iBook was a genius idea! The fact I can just whip out my iPad anytime, anywhere and have a recipe in front of me with all the information I need is truly wonderful. My kids also love the meals from the book, which is a miracle because they are both very fussy eaters. I have recommended this book to ALL my friends who are mums and find myself even telling strangers about it! I really could go on forever about this amazing book, and I can’t thank Therese Kerr, Chef Kate and Dr Jen enough for creating it. Can’t wait for the next one!”