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As a family, we are dedicated now to total wellness and to sharing the message of Certified Organic. What prompted that was my having had tumours in my spleen which resulted in having to have my spleen removed. Prior to that, I thought I was healthy and I thought the meals I was providing my family where healthy.

We cannot go back and change the past. We only know what we know when we know it, but we don’t know what we don’t know so we can’t beat ourselves up about what choices we did or didn’t make. We can’t change those choices and our bodies are resilient and have an incredible innate ability to heal if and when given the nutrition and the best possible chance of healing.

I personally never understood the benefit of certified organic until I had tumours in my spleen and I started researching the chemicals not just in our food but also in the products we use every day and I was gobsmacked to discover what I discovered – see my page on chemicals found in everyday products and specific chemicals that may interest you here . If you would like to discover more about the chemicals in our foods click here.

So what happens when you eat certified organic food and use certified organic products (see this page so that you understand what “organic” really is as there is so much greenwashing that happens that is misleading consumers. Well, what happens is you are not putting a chemical burden on your body that your body has to try hard to expel. Many of the chemicals in our products are what are called fat soluble, this means they get stored in your fat and the only way to lose these chemicals is to lose your fat. Our body has another protective mechanism (other than the digestive system and the liver), it protects, according to Professor Marc Cohen, by pushing any toxins, toxicants and chemicals away from our vital organs (so that minimal harm can occur) out to just under the skin, where if you do not have enough fat to store your fat soluble chemicals in, your body will purposely put on more fat to store those chemicals and toxins. More and more research is being released associating chemical toxicity within the body and obesity or inability to lose weight effectively. Removing the chemicals goes a long way to helping curb weight challenges.

When you eat certified organic food, when you use certified organic products, you limit the chemical burden you put on your body everyday and your body thanks you with increased energy, vitality, your cognitive function improves as does just about every other area of your life.

Instead of spending hours and hours in the supermarket trying to figure out if the ingredients in the products are safe, you have another option now, where you can pay the same price you pay in the shop, you can order online with fast delivery, everything is pre approved as safe so the hard work has been taken out of it for you and you simply place your order, pay for it online and it is shipped.

The Organic shop

You will need to create a customer account which will cost you nothing at all.

Enjoy using a platform that I believe, will become the next Amazon but only for pre approved healthy products and food items.