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I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by people who have the highest integrity and are dedicated to providing the absolute best wellness advice, literature, treatments, food and products.

I am currently developing this section of my website so please bare with me as this area will be finalised in no time and I look forward to sharing all the goodness in the world the these people offer with you.

Almost every choice we make is either moving our body away from or toward health. We live in a world where most illness is now linked to environmental factors of some sort. Oxidative stress is present 24/7. Chemicals, toxins and toxicants cause oxidative stress and oxidative stress causes illness and aging.

Having gone through several major health issues myself culminating in having tumours in my spleen and having to have my spleen removed, I have turned my health around and am, I believe, the healthiest I have ever been in my life. You see, I thought I was healthy but my view of what healthy was, was limited by the education I personally had on the subject. It took having tumours I my spleen to know what healthy truly is and to open my life up to an unprecedented level of energy and vibrancy that I truly recommend. Again, how well we feel or how good we feel is dependent upon our own personal experiences of what feeling well or not is for us. It is only when the bar is shifted and we get to experience a new level of health do we understand what is truly possible for our bodies.
Educating and empowering people to assist them in making healthier choices for themselves, their children, grandchildren and the planet is what drives me in doing what I do. I travel at the very least 4 to 4 days per week educating and empowering, sharing my heart in the hope of achieving my personal and our company goal of transforming health within one generation.

So this page is dedicated to educating and empowering others to lead a life that is almost unrecognizable when you actively choose health.

My personal experience. For your record, I am all about walking the walk, not simply talking the talk.

As such I have regular health check ups to ensure that what I am doing is working and supporting my body optimally.

Test one:

I have Live Blood Analysis and Sally Joseph shared with me previously how you can often tell the cellular age of your body when looking at your live blood. She mentioned that normally your cellular age is 12 years older then your physical age, mine is 12 years younger.

Test Two:

Recently I had an antioxidant test where the range on the chart went from 10,000 being the lowest to 50,000 being the highest.
Most of the people in the room were tested and the average antioxidant level of the people in the room was between 23000 to 25000.
My antioxidant level was 58,000 (8000 above the highest level on the chart).
Why is it important to have high antioxidant levels in the body? The more antioxidants we have in our body, the more we are protected from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes illness and aging.

Test Three:

On a recent trip to America in May 2017, I had Brain Mapping / Neuro Feedback. This test, measures the cognitive function of the brain. At the time of the test I was 52. The cognitive results astounded not only me, but also the Therapist performing the test showed that the cognitive function of my brain was that of a 21 year old.

Test Four:

I recently had an Oglioscan. An Oglioscan has the ability to determine how the body is assimilating vitamins / minerals, absorbing nutrients, how the metabolism is functioning. It also provides an in depth analysis of the heavy metal count within the body and details what, if anything is lacking in the body for optimum health and wellbeing.

Everything on my report is within the normal range, other than my magnesium and silica levels being low and my mercury, aluminium and silver levels being high.

Upon speaking with my gorgeous local Naturopath Saara White, I also have my main Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist Will Shannon in Sydney (Pinnacle Health) Saara shared that everything on my chart was perfect, other than the aforementioned and that the main reason my magnesium was low is because of the heavy metal toxicity I have in my body.

I previously had amalgam fillings and when I had tumours in my spleen, I had all of the amalgam removed (without the proper due care). That, combined with having had three major vaccinations prior to having my spleen being removed in 2002, I believe would be the cause of the high Aluminium count in my body as well as the high Mercury levels.
I am yet to determine where the high Silver levels in my body have come from.

I am now on Silica and other herbal remedies to help with the detoxification of these heavy metals and to assist my body with magnesium absorption.

My metabolism is at 84%. Whilst this is acceptable, I would prefer it to be 100%, so I have put in place some principles that will increase that, so stay turned for my next check up.

Below I have listed some educational tools that I believe will assist you on your journey to wellness:

Chemical Maze App and/or book by Bill Statham.

Bill Statham, one of my mentors and one of the world’s most knowledgeable researchers on chemicals and chemical toxicity wrote a book called: “The Chemical Maze”. An App has also been released that I recommend you download and have on hand at all times.

Think Dirty (Shop Clean) App.

The Breast Cancer Fund in America released the Think Dirty App which enables people to scan everyday skin, hair, beauty, personal, baby, oral care and men’s care products to determine their toxicity rating.

The App rates products from “0” being the cleanest and most pure, to 10 being the most toxic. You will be surprised at the results as there are many products out on the market that are “green-washing” which simply means pretending to be healthy when they are in fact not.

I believe the above tools are necessary as a resource for the ongoing education as to the impact of chemicals on our health and wellbeing.

Healthy Human, Healthy Home Program:

One of the things that stops people from actually making changes, even though they know what they know is they simply don’t know where or how to start. Let us help you…

I am in the process of creating a program that will have you feel and be your best in no time.

Our program involves us providing you with everything you need to remove the chemicals from your home and your body. It involves us providing you with a step by step process of doing so and will involve doing a virtual tour of your home with you undertaking an audit, going through your pantry and advising you what is and isn’t supporting your health. You will also get a starter kit of pantry and home items i.e., staple diet and other items that you use as your basis for healthy living. You will get a copy of my Lunchbox Solutions e-book, video’s of how to cook healthy options plus amazing health assessments by the gorgeous Saara.

Know that you are supported on your health journey regardless of whether you are just starting or if you have been on the journey for some time. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to learn and avail yourself of even more knowledge and more now than ever, we need to be responsible for our own health and of that of our family.

Stay tuned for more information on my personal program.

There are people who come into your life that change it forever, many of these I have included as recommendations below to help you on your journey. I need to mention one natural practitioner in particular who is one, if not, the most recognised Naturopaths, Herbalists, Iridologists in Australia and around the world and a man with the biggest, most beautiful heart and his name is Will Shannon. If you are needing a health overhaul, Will is your man. He is based in Sydney (Double Bay and Parramatta) and his clinic is extraordinary – seek him out if you haven’t already at:

And… in the meantime, to help you on your journey further, please see below links to specific products, educational and inspirational programs and wellness practitioners that will support you further on your journey to being the healthiest you can possibly be.

Sending you much love and gratitude

Therese xxx

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