We are the only species on the planet actively contributing to our own extinction.

We take for granted a lot of the information we are told as being correct, as being scientifically studied or as being “gospel”. I was, as most of us are, so busy in our own lives making ends meet that I never actively took the time to question anything.

I personally believed everything I was told / marketed to believe. I assumed, like most people would I guess assume, that the Government we fund through our taxes naturally ensures the chemicals sprayed on our foods, used in our everyday products, are safe. I assumed testing would be done on anything and everything that could possibly have an impact on our body/health. I assumed products would not be allowed on the shelves, chemicals would not be allowed to be used on and in our foods unless they had been proven to be safe. I assumed GMO’s would have had extensive testing. None of the above is the case and sadly I bought into the bullshit that we are sold everyday on all of these subjects without ever questioning until my health challenges made me question.

Global chemical production rose 400 fold between 1930 and 2001. Over 140,000 chemicals are now registered for use in Australia – 75% of which have never been tested for safety for toxicity on the human body or on the environment. Baby’s are now being born with on average 287 chemicals at birth, click here. It is the first time in history our children are dying before us. The number one disease for children under 15 is cancer. Hormone-related illnesses (endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, Infertility, Breast, Ovarian, Testicular cancers, thyroid disease, malformed genitalia in baby boys) are at an all time high, click here for more information, there are over 100 types of autoimmune disease alone in Australia, Alzheimer’s (Including Dementia) is the second leading cause of death and the list goes on….. Is it time we start to question why?

There are 17 pesticides used in Australia that are known carcinogens and 42 that are suspected carcinogens.

Acephate, Acrifluorfen, Alph- cypermethrin, Amitraz, Bifenthrin, Bioallethrin, Bromoxynil, Carbendazim, Chlorfenapyr, Chlortahl, Cyanazine, Cypermethrin, Dichiorvos, Dimethipin, Fluometuron, Lindane, Malathion, Mercuric Chloride, Mollinate – just to name a few.

Did you know that there isn’t any premarket or health testing done on any cosmetic product before it is released onto the market, that there have only been 10 chemicals banned in cosmetics in America over the last 39 years and chemicals are used in cosmetics (skin, hair, beauty, personal care, men’s, perfume, baby and fragranced products) on the basis they are safe until proven otherwise?

Did you also know that in Australia, according to Bill Statham – the author of The Chemical Maze, we follow blindly the American Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel, set up by the cosmetic industry to determine whether or not the chemicals they themselves use in their own products are safe.

In contrast to America, Europe established the Reach Program in 2005 and has now banned over 1300 (and counting) chemicals that they consider unsafe to be used in cosmetics (skin, hair beauty, personal, baby, men’s care, age-defying skincare, makeup, perfume, etc) that most other countries including Australia, China and America still use to this day.

Sadly, our world is a business. What drives the economy is monetary turnover / monetary policy driven predominantly by corporate greed. The ownership of the Food Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Farming Industry, Petroleum Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry is in the hands of a few, and decisions are made by Governments in support of those corporations, but at what cost to our health, the health of children and future generations and to the health of the planet?

Almost everyone knows someone with one or many of the following health conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s (including dementia) (2016 – second leading cause of death in Australia)
  • Autism and other ASD’s
  • Autoimmune disease (there are over 100 different types of autoimmune disease in Australia alone)
  • Cancer – hormone related – Breast, Ovarian, Testicular, Prostate Cancer
  • Cancer – general
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Heart Disease
  • Infertility
  • Malformed Genitalia in baby boys
  • Obesity
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Thyroid disorders – Hashimoto’s (under active thyroid), Graves (over active thyroid)

I repeat, because it is necessary to repeat, It is the first time in history our children are dying before us and we are the ones who have created this mess for them.

I repeat, because it is again necessary to repeat, We are the only species on the planet actively contributing to our own extinction.

The following App’s are great tools which will help you navigate the topic of chemicals,

Bill Statham’s Research

Here is a list of research papers you may wish to take the time to download, save on your computer and read and share with others. This information covers all topics and includes, the taboo subject of vaccination…

That begs me to ask the question…. Why is the subject of vaccinations such a taboo subject?

I personally do not believe history will be kind to us in relation to vaccinations and yes, my children where vaccinated but at a level far less then what our children are subjected to today.

As the world evolves, lessons are learned, things that were once considered safe, have now been shown to be far from safe.

We used to believe x-rays were safe during pregnancy, we now know they cause grave harm, yet what we don’t know is that it took a researcher over 50 years to convince Governments of this fact.

Asbestos was once considered safe, as was Thalidomide, DDT, Tobacco, in fact, Doctors used to recommend smoking as a way to lower blood pressure.

We currently find ourselves in a situation where the safety of vaccinations is being questioned by many around the world, including leading Doctors like Dr Andrew Wakefied who was simultaneously shut down, vilified and demonized, but for what? Most people sadly believe the BS story they have been told about Dr Wakefield and for that matter, vaccinations, without ever actually taking the time to research the subject for themselves.

To set the record straight, I am not against vaccinations, I am concerned given that I have personally undertaken so much research that shows me there are real and valid concerns surrounding the level of vaccinations children are now subjected to. I am concerned about the impact of mercury, aluminum from vaccinations on our body and especially concerned about the inability of babies to detox appropriately. Moreover, I am concerned greatly as to the seemingly systematic shut down and demonization of anyone who dares to question vaccinations. Why is that? Why is there so much vengeance and hatred directed by a well-orchestrated machine at anyone who dares to simply question the schedule of vaccinations or promote for example the movie “Vaxxed”?
It is my belief that the truth always comes out, and…. if the truth is that vaccinations are safe, the vaccination corporations should simply stand in that truth and that knowledge. In my opinion, by systematically trying to shut down movies like Vaxxed or anything that questions vaccinations, the vaccination companies are not giving people enough credit to be able to informed decisions.

As parents we need to seek the truth, our children and grandchildren depend upon us to make informed choices on their behalf. That is why I encourage everyone to undertake their own research. Only when we have ALL of the information, can we make informed choices.

To save you time I have provided links to scientific research that isn’t readily available, research that is not shared openly and I encourage you to review it and to read books like Dr Wakefield’s “Callous Disregard”, watch the movie Vaxxed and many others listed below

Here is a lot of information for you to download and read on all subjects of health from endocrine disrupting chemicals, to malformed genitalia, feminization of men and boys, different classes of chemicals found in cosmetics and information and studies on vaccinations, glyphosate, pesticides, insecticides and the list goes on..

I have included links to movies that are the best available that I believe will help guide you in health, will help guide our planet and our consciousness as a human race.

I have included these links here as there isn’t the room underneath the images to include them there, but they are in order.

Scientific studies re endocrine disruptors

And here is what Sarah Lantz of the Qld University has to say about chemicals in our everyday products in her research undertaken at Queensland University where she tested chemical levels in newborn babies umbilical cords.


“The high volume and widespread use of industrial chemicals, the backlog of internationally untested chemicals, the uptake of synthetic chemicals found in babies in utero, cord blood, and in breast milk, and the lack of a unified and comprehensive regulatory framework all necessitate developing policies that protect the most vulnerable in our society – our children. Australia’s failure to do so raises profound intergenerational ethical issues. This article tells a story of international policy, and where Australia is falling down. It demonstrates that we can learn from countries already taking critical steps to reduce the toxic chemical exposure, and that the development of a comprehensive, child-centered chemical regulation framework is central to turning around Australia’s failure.”

More and more information is being released on the impact of chemicals in our everyday products.

Dr. Kelly Brogan MD shared this latest scientific research:

I’ve been saying for a long time that perfume, cologne and products that contain the word “fragrance” (and 95% or more sadly do) according to The Breast Cancer Fund in America can contain up to 3000 unlisted/undisclosed ingredients and here’s David Wolfe take on it.

My wish for you, your children, grandchildren and our planet is that fragrance and perfume be removed from the planet.

Nature has the answers not manmade chemicals. When you use perfume or fragranced products, up to 100% of these can be absorbed into the body according to Bill Statham, author of Chemical Maze and research is showing beyond any doubt there are many health implications linked to the chemicals we subject ourselves WILLINGLY to everyday.

You might also like to read Professor Marc Cohen’s Ten Toxic Truths:

You might also like to join this “I Quit Chemicals Program” created by two of my beautiful friends:

Vaccination research – the taboo subject:

Landmark rulings:

In December 2012, two landmark decisions were announced that confirmed Dr. Wakefield’s original concern that there is a link between the MMR vaccine, autism and stomach disorders. The news went mostly unreported, but independent outlets like The Liberty Beacon finally began publishing the groundbreaking news.

The website wrote last month, ‘In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”’

Wakefield, Dr Andrew. 2013. “Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism.” Accessed 3 September 2013.

HPV / Cervical Cancer vaccine:

In the alternative health realm, immunisation is a “controversial” topic.
A recent study has revealed some of the detrimental side effects that the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccination has had on young women.

According to the United States VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), as of June 2013, “a staggering 140 lives have been lost due to the HPV Vaccine.” However, even after 140 deaths, major pharmaceutical companies responsible for manufacturing the HPV vaccine are now looking to not only continue offering the HPV vaccine to young women, but are also considering HPV immunisation for newborns and infants. How suitable is this inoculation for newborns and infants for STD prevention?

What are some of the recorded adverse reactions reportedly linked to the HPV vaccine?

According to VAERS, here are some statistics in relation to the number of people have suffered from adversities after being immunised with the HPV vaccine:

  • Deaths: 140
  • Disabled: 952
  • Did not recover: 6,032
  • Abnormal pap smear: 531
  • Cervical dysplasia: 214
  • Cervical cancer: 64
  • Life-threatening: 562
  • ER visit: 10,557
  • Hospitalized: 3,065
  • Extended hospital stay: 234
  • Serious: 4,091
  • Adverse events: 30,352

These statistics are alarming and raise concern about how necessary it is to immunise children against this virus. According to Dr Mercola, the HPV vaccine has been less effective than planned and a recent study has found that, “HPV prevalence dropped 27.3 percent in the unvaccinated girls, but only declined by 5.8 percent in the vaccinated group. In four out of five different measures, the unvaccinated girls had a lower incidence of HPV” (2013). So why do pharmaceutical companies such as Gardasil and Cervarix continue to offer this vaccine? What will be the result if these companies choose to start targeting newborns and infants with this vaccine? What tests have been undertaken on the HPV vaccine and the possible implications on reproductive organs?
These are questions we all need to ask.
The question we need to ask is: “Why vaccinate newborns and infants against HPV?”

Dr Judith Reisman, internationally known as an expert on human sexuality wrote an article called ‘STD Vaccinations Aid Global Child Sex Traffic? Does Mandating Paediatric Hep B [and HPV] Vaccinations Aid the Global Child Sex Traffic?’

This article scrutinises United States’ hospitals and their decision to implement the Hepatitis B vaccine as mandatory for children, due to the rise in global child sex trafficking. Reisman said, “Newborn babies are hardly ‘sex workers’… Yet, in 1991 USA hospitals (covertly—as without public debate or discussion) mandated hepatitis B vaccinations of neonates born to normal, married, uninfected mothers” (2013). Could this be the reason for the pharmaceutical industry’s decision to begin inoculating children with the HPV vaccine?
Surely, the industry must have good reason for inoculating children with sexually transmitted diseases at birth?

HPV vaccine and infertility:

The following excerpt tells of a 16-year-old girl who became infertile after receiving the HPV vaccination:

“…Before the sixteen year-old received the Gardasil vaccine during the fall of 2008, her menstrual cycle was perfectly normal. However, by January 2009, her cycle had become irregular, and over the course of the next two years, her menses (bleeds) had become increasingly irregular. By 2011, she had ceased menstruating altogether. Later examinations of the girl confirmed that her ovaries had ceased producing eggs” (England, 2013).

Unfortunately, this case is not unique.

Japan has also withdrawn their support for the HPV vaccine after 2,000 women reportedly suffered from adverse effects such as long-term pain, numbness, paralysis and infertility after receiving the vaccine. This shows just how powerful and potentially dangerous this vaccine can be. It poses a threat to anyone receiving the vaccine.

Education gives us the ability to make informed choices. Unfortunately, in most cases, information offered by general practitioners and hospitals is funded by major pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in the ultimate promotion of the drug they are pushing. Knowing that in itself, is reason enough to question.

I encourage you to take the necessary time to research and speak with multiple health professionals about what the safest and most effective options are for immunisation of any sort.

Adapted from:

England, Christina. 2013. “Vaccines Can Kill and They Do!” Accessed 1 September 2013. 2013. “Oncology Dietitian Exposes Fraud in CDC’s HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Study.” Accessed 2 September 2013.

VAERS 2013. “VAERS Data.” Accessed 2 September 2013.

Further studies on vaccinations:

Additional information you might find useful.

Here is a link to the current data of US government vaccine injury payouts.

The court itself is not actually a court and the usual rules of litigation do not apply. There is no discovery of internal documents from the vaccine manufacturers because they are protected from liability by the US government and they do not take part in the process. Some background on that by law professor, Mary Holland:

Here is a link to the book: “Fooling Ourselves On Vaccines”

Here’s the Australian Immunisation schedule:$File/NIP-schedule2016.pdf

With all of the debate going on in relation to vaccines did you know that Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy Turnbull is Chariman of Prima Biomed.

Prior to Malcolm Turnbull becoming PM of Australia, Lucy’s shares were valued at $750,000 then her share of the company according to reports grew to $5.5million. Prima Biomed is partners with GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis which both develop vaccines. Vaccine Makers have benefited greatly from the introduction of the No Jab, No Pay under Turnbull.

For information on the approved Vaccination schedule:

For information on what is now found in vaccines, refer to this link on Vaccine inserts:

Additional published studies for your information:

Vaccines were deemed to have caused autism in this federal court case:

A further 83 cases for your review:

A further 127 separate studies linking vaccines and autism.

Parents compensated due to death of child linked to vaccinations:

Hannah Brusewitz case:

How she was harmed by DTP

Supreme Court declares: “Unavoidably Unsafe”

A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990-2010.

Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given:
Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

Infection, vaccines and other environmental triggers of autoimmunity.

DTP with or after measles vaccination is associated with increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau.

Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures.

A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population.

Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.

The plausibility of a role for mercury in the etiology of autism: a cellular perspective

Detection of RNA of Mumps Virus during an Outbreak in a Population with a High Level of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Coverage

A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.

Aluminum in the central nervous system (CNS): toxicity in humans and animals, vaccine adjuvants, and autoimmunity.

Unvaccinated Children are Healthier

Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity…/10.1371/journal.pone.0008382

Combination MMRV vaccine linked with 2-fold risk of seizures…/2010-06/kp-cmv062310.php

Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979…/article1409245

Lawyers who can help:

GLYPHOSATE found in many vaccines:

A must watch video as Zen Honeycutt Founder of Moms Across America shares the latest research. I was blessed to meet Zen a couple of years ago, she is an amazing, dedicated woman standing for our health and the health of our children. Her research is impeccable and through her organization Moms Across America Zen is holding Big Pharma and chemical companies (one in the same) to account.


Aluminum has been long known to be neurotoxic, with mounting evidence that chronic exposure is a factor in many neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s disease.

However, definitive scientific proof is difficult to establish due to the lack of longitudinal studies, as well as pushback from industries that use aluminum in their products. Despite the shortage of conclusive studies, mounting scientific evidence leaves concern enough to at the very least question the current schedule.

A new case study from Keele University in the UK unequivocally shows high levels of aluminum in the brain of an individual exposed to aluminum at work, who later died from Alzheimer’s disease.

While aluminum exposure has been implicated in Alzheimer’s and a number of other neurological diseases, this case claims to be “the first direct link” between Alzheimer’s disease and elevated brain aluminum following occupational exposure.

The Aluminum-Alzheimer’s Link

The 66 year-old Caucasian man developed an aggressive form of early onset Alzheimer’s disease after eight years of occupational exposure to aluminum dust, which scientists conclude “suggests a prominent role for the olfactory system and lungs in the accumulation of aluminum in the brain.”

This is not the first time high aluminum levels have been found in the tissues of someone who died from Alzheimer’s disease. For example, in 2004, high aluminum levels were found in the tissues of a British woman who died of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

This was 16 years after an industrial accident dumped 20 metric tons of aluminum sulphate into her local drinking water. And there are many studies showing elevated aluminum levels in living individuals displaying a wide range of neurological symptoms.

Aluminum Can Be an Occupational Hazard

Exposure to aluminum is unfortunately an occupational hazard for those who work in industries like mining, factory work, welding, and agriculture. Not to mention that you ingest aluminum vapors every time your nose catches cigarette smoke wafting by.

Inhaling aluminum dust or vapors sends aluminum particles directly into your lungs in a highly absorbable form, where they pass into your bloodstream and are distributed throughout your body, including your bones and brain. Aluminum powder has been known to cause pulmonary fibrosis, and aluminum factory workers are prone to asthma. Studies of the health effects of aluminum vapors have been grim, pointing to high levels of neurotoxicity.

So why are most government regulators and physicians so resistant to looking at the health and environmental effects of aluminum? One filmmaker is shining a light on this issue by way of a documentary.

The ‘Dark Side’ of Aluminum Exposed

The featured documentary, The Age of Aluminum, reveals the “dark side” of this toxic metal, exploring the scientific links between aluminum and diseases such as breast cancer and neurological disorders. Also exposed is how aluminum mining and manufacturing have created acute ecological problems across the globe, leading to environmental disasters in Hungary, South Africa, and the UK. In the film, neuroscientist Christopher Shaw reports:

“Many researchers are beginning to accept that aluminum has some sort of role to play in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Whether it does in others is still an open question, but Alzheimer’s is really coming into focus and it’s fairly clear that the body burden of aluminum from all the sources to which humans are exposed may be contributing to Alzheimer’s disease.”

Aluminum Is Everywhere

Although aluminum occurs naturally in soil, water, and air, we are contributing to the load with the mining and processing of aluminum ores, manufacturing of aluminum products, and the operation of coal-fired power plants and incinerators. Aluminum can’t be destroyed in the environment—it only changes its form by attaching or separating from other particles.

Rain washes aluminum particles out of the air and into our water supply, where they tend to accumulate rather than degrade. If you live in an industrial area, your exposure is undoubtedly higher than average.

According to CDC, the average adult in the US consumes about seven to nine mg of aluminum per day in food, and a lesser amount from air and water. Only about one percent of the aluminum you ingest orally gets absorbed into your body—the rest is moved out by your digestive tract, provided it’s functioning well.
When tested in a lab, aluminum contamination has been found in a vast number of products on the market, from foods and beverages to pharmaceuticals, which suggests the manufacturing process itself is a significant part of the problem. Aluminum is found in a shocking number of foods and consumer products, including:

-Foods such as baking powder, self rising flour, salt, baby formula, coffee creamers, baked goods and processed foods, coloring and caking agents

-Drugs, such as antacids, analgesics, anti-diarrheals, and others; additives such as magnesium stearate

-Vaccines—Hepatitis A and B, Hib, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), pneumococcal vaccine, Gardasil (HPV), and others

-Cosmetics and personal care products such as antiperspirants, deodorants (including salt crystals, made of alum), lotions, sunscreens, and shampoos

-Aluminum products, including foil, cans, juice pouches, tins, and water bottles

Does Your Frozen Dinner Come with a Side of Aluminum?

Aluminum contamination in our food supply is a more significant problem than you may think. In a study published in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe, researchers analyzed 1,431 non-animal foods and beverages for aluminum content. This is what they found:

-77.8 percent had an aluminum concentration of up to 10 mg/kg

-17.5 percent had aluminum concentrations between 10 and 100 mg\kg

-4.6 percent of the samples had aluminum concentrations in excess of 100 mg/kg

Aluminum compounds are often used as additives in foodstuffs. Additional contamination occurs when food comes into contact with aluminum equipment and other items because aluminum is unstable in the presence of acids and bases. Aluminum equipment has a protective oxide film, but this can be damaged as fine fissures develop from normal wear and tear.In the study, Table 3 shows the aluminum content of everything from flour and baking mixes to soup, chocolate, beer and wine, and herbal teas. Some products show a wide range of contamination levels, and others are more homogenous. Baked goods are very high because of the common practice of baking and storing foods on aluminum trays. The report has numerous other tables that demonstrate how prevalent this toxin is in your food.

If you cook your food in aluminum foil, you are introducing your own contamination. One investigation found that cooking meats in aluminum foil increases their aluminum concentration. Researchers concluded, “eating meals prepared in aluminum foil may carry a health risk by adding to other aluminum sources.” As with many toxins, it isn’t one exposure here and there that is so concerning—it’s the cumulative effect of many smaller exposures over time that can lead to a toxic metal overload and erosion of your health. According to a 2006 study, cooking meat in aluminum foil increased aluminum levels as follows:

-Red meats cooked in aluminum foil showed an increase in aluminum by 89 to 378 percent
-Poultry increased by 76 to 214 percent
-Aluminum levels increased with higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times
Aluminum Heads Straight to Your Brain

Aluminum is to your central nervous system as cigarette smoke is to your lungs. Scientists are clear that toxic metals damage brain tissue and lead to degenerative disease by producing oxidative stress—and aluminum is one of the worst offenders. With Alzheimer’s rates skyrocketing, today’s multiple avenues of aluminum exposure are of great concern. Just as with particles in the environment, once aluminum is in your tissues, your body has a difficult time releasing it. This toxic metal serves absolutely no biological purpose, so the less of it you ingest, the better.

Once in your body, it travels around easily, unimpeded, piggybacking on your iron transport system. It crosses biological barriers that normally keep other types of toxins out, such as your blood-brain barrier. Over time, aluminum can accumulate in your brain and do serious damage your neurological health—regardless of your age. Aluminum toxicity may be doing as much damage to our children as to our seniors.

Brain Inflammation in Both Children and Adults

Vaccines present a particularly problematic source of toxic metal exposure. Aluminum is the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant and is considered “safe” even though research shows it may induce serious immunological disorders and neurological complications in humans.

See “The Age Of Aluminum” video here: plus a second documentary on aluminum – “Injecting Aluminum” here:

Aluminum targets your cerebellum and autonomic nervous system—the part responsible for biological processes over which you have no conscious control (breathing, blood pressure, balance, coordination, etc.). When you look at the MSDS sheet for aluminum, you will see symptoms strikingly similar to those in common neurological diseases, including memory problems, speech impairments and aphasia, dementia, depression, muscle weakness, motor disturbances, and other neurological difficulties.

Researchers Claim New Blood Test May Predict Alzheimer’s

There has never been a way to accurately predict who will get Alzheimer’s, but that may be changing. Researchers at Georgetown University and University of Rochester claim they have found a blood test that predicts this with 90 percent accuracy—and incredibly, with NO false negatives. If further research confirms what researchers expect, this is a medical breakthrough of epic proportions.

The test involves measuring the patterns of 10 specific lipids (fat-like compounds) associated with the plaques found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. These 10 lipids are highly predictive of whether or not you will become cognitively impaired. All of the people in the study were in their 70s, so the next step is to determine if the test is accurate earlier, say in your 40s and 50s. Researchers say they are still several years away from implementing the test, but they all feel very hopeful.

Biomarkers such as lipids are tricky for Alzheimer’s because they change during the course of the illness. Some occur in high levels during the early phase of the disease and then actually decrease after symptoms appear—so they are stage dependent. There is clearly much more research that needs to be done before we have a grasp of this disease. Even with a test that can predict whether or not you are in the process of developing dementia, there are no good treatments once you have it—so you should be doing everything in your power to prevent it. One of the strategies is helping your body detoxify from metals, such as aluminum.

Aluminum Impairs Your Body’s Ability to Detoxify

Removing mercury from vaccines and replacing it with aluminum may be increasing the problems from BOTH toxins in your body. The reason for this is because aluminum impairs your body’s ability to excrete mercury by impeding your glutathione production. Glutathione is your most important intracellular detoxifier, required for reversing oxidative stress. So, if your aluminum load is high, your body will potentially become more toxic from the mercury from, say, flu shots and fish because you are now on “aluminum overload” and your detoxification system no longer functions well.

Your body requires sulfur to manufacture glutathione, making sulfur an extremely important dietary nutrient when it comes to metal detoxification, which can be optimized through dietary sources. Onions and garlic are good if they are grown in sulfur rich soils, but most soils are unfortunately sulfur deficient. Therefore, animal-based proteins seem to be one of your best bets. Whey protein concentrate is particularly high in cysteine, one of the two sulfur-bearing amino acids that are direct precursors to glutathione.

Please note that if you avoid consuming animal proteins, it is VERY easy to become sulfur deficient, and this may be one of the most significant risk factors for choosing an animal protein-free diet. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard on meat, however! Most people need only about one gram of protein per kilogram of lean body weight, or about half a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. Also make sure to buy grass-fed and finished meats, as most factory farmed meat is of inferior quality and contaminated with a whole host of veterinary drugs, including antibiotics and growth hormones.

How to assist your body in removing Aluminum

There are a number of potent chelators you can use to detoxify aluminum. Clearly, your first step would be to avoid further exposure to aluminum.

This means avoiding products such as:

-Toothpaste containing aluminium oxyhydroxide

-Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, or aluminum-zirconium compounds

-Aluminum laminated pouch drinks

-Aluminum cookware

-Aluminum espresso makers

For serious Alzheimer’s disease, the following chelating agents may be helpful:

-Silica-rich water, such as Fiji water, which contains 83 Mg of silica per liter. Research published in 2013 showed that drinking up to one liter of a silicon-rich mineral water daily for 12 weeks effectively excreted aluminum via the urine, without detrimental effects on essential metals such as iron and copper. According to the authors: “We have provided preliminary evidence that over 12 weeks of silicon-rich mineral water therapy the body burden of aluminum fell in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and, concomitantly, cognitive performance showed clinically relevant improvements in at least 3 out of 15 individuals.”

-Melatonin: Research [source, source, source] shows that melatonin has a metal binding role and is a useful supplement in the treatment of neurological disorders in which oxidative stress is involved, which includes Alzheimer’s. Melatonin can travel freely across all cellular barriers, facilitating the removal of toxic metals such as aluminum. It also appears to suppress the oxidative activity of aluminum in your brain.

-Anything that raises your glutathione. Your body synthesizes glutathione from three amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. Raw fruits and vegetables, particularly avocado, asparagus, grapefruit, strawberries, orange, tomato, cantaloupe, broccoli, okra, peach, zucchini, and spinach are rich in the precursors glutamate and glycine. Dietary sources of cysteine include eggs, meat, red peppers, garlic, onions, Brussels sprouts, whey protein, and wheat germ. Other helpful treatments for improved glutathione metabolism include:

-Exercise: Exercise affects your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels needed to help produce glutathione

-Optimizing your vitamin D levels through sun exposure: There’s some evidence vitamin D increases intracellular glutathione levels

-Epsom salt baths

-MSM supplementation

-The supplement N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) may also be useful. NAC is the rate-limiting nutrient for the formation of the intracellular antioxidant glutathione

-Curcumin: Research suggests that curcumin has a protective effect against aluminum-induced damage by modulating the extent of oxidative stress. It also decreases beta-amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s, delays neuron degradation, chelates metals, decreases microglia formation, and has an overall anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect. Studies have shown that curcumin can help improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients. There are some contraindications that curcumin is not recommended if you have biliary tract obstruction (as it stimulates bile secretion), gallstones, obstructive jaundice, or acute biliary colic.

In Summary:

It can no longer be argued that aluminum does not have a role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s—the evidence is very clear and growing.

The best way to protect yourself is to be careful about your choices in food and personal care products, and research for yourself what is actually in the vaccinations you choose.

Optimizing your dietary sulfur is also essential, as your body needs sulfur to manufacture its number one weapon against aluminum overload: glutathione. By taking a few steps to protect yourself, you’ll minimize your exposure while maximizing your body’s ability to rid itself of this toxic metal.

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Other information you might find interesting:

Turnbull Family Interests
Lucy Turnbull is the chairperson of Prima Biomed, a biotech company.

Lucy Turnbull privately reviewed her positions for conflicts of interest.

Prima Biomed developed an ovarian cancer therapy vaccine. This product was sold to another start up company, Sydys, run by Prima Biomed senior staff. The sale value was $400 million taken as a 10% stake in Sydys. This only occurred after the pro-choice community called out the Prime Minister on this blatant conflict of interest. Raises the question is it an attempt to appear at arms length, while still profiting from the vaccine?

Prima Biomed is partnered with GSK in developing an autoimmune disease treatment.

The Turnbulls invest in a trading fund that holds large stock in pharmaceutical companies Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer.

Prima Biomed/ GSK’s Autoimmune Disease Treatment
Vaccines are causing and contributing to autoimmune diseases

Pfizer are positioning themselves to be the world leader in the vaccine market alongside Merck by 2020.

strong>Now, let’s talk specifics about fragrance and fragranced products and how they are impacting our health, men, boys and babies….

The Issue: Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create modern day fragrances for our products, and some of these chemicals have been linked to health impacts ranging from eye and skin irritation to hormone imbalance and increased risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, these ingredients are kept secret—the vast majority of manufacturers currently are not disclosing fragrance ingredients on websites or on the product label.

The bottom line: Toxic chemicals should not be in fragrance and fragrance ingredients should be disclosed so consumers can choose to avoid chemicals of concern and protect their health.

Now let’s look at cleaning products and just how toxix they are:

Want to know what to use instead of the conventional cleaning products?