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Precocious Puberty – Teens Before Their Time

Julianne is a devoted mother to her beautiful and healthy-looking five-year- old daughter. But all is not as it seems-something strange is stirring in Sarah’s body.   One night, while putting Sarah to bed, Julianne pulled the pajama top over her daughter’s head, when Sarah suddenly exclaimed “Ouch! That hurt when you touched my nipple.”…

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Can your skin and body care products make you gain weight?

Most women apply – on average – 500 different chemicals to their skin every day, from approximately 12 different products. Preservatives, fragrances, surfactants, solvents, colors as well as fillers and emollients are all used in skin and body care products to produce soft, smooth, nice-smelling lotions and potions. Some women use more, some use less,…

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