Join Therese at Inspire 2014


Illawarra women from all walks of life are invited to attend a day of inspiration, motivation and celebration of women and their achievements.
Therese Kerr, author and advocate for holistic family health will be the special guest speaker at INSPIRE 2014 Women’s Conference on Friday June 6th here at Novotel Wollongong Northbeach. Therese comes to Wollongong as part of Commbank’s Women in Focus community..
Funds raised on the day will go to the Leukemia Foundation here in Wollongong.
Click here for tickets or contact M.Biggs TIGS on (02) 4220 0234 for enquiries.

Divine by Therese Kerr event – Natures Harvest WA!


Come join Therese and the Divine by Therese Kerr team for a night of health and wellness!
Therese Kerr will be sharing her 12 year journey to wellness and why she is so passionate about the benefits of using certified organic beauty products. Therese will also be sharing some hard hitting facts about the chemicals found in conventional skin, hair and personal care products. This is information we believe you need to know, so if you are interested in your health, this event is not to be missed!
Please see below flyer for all the details and if you require anymore information please email us on
We hope to see you there!

My feature in Organic Mama Magazine!

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I feel so very blessed to have been featured in the latest issue of Organic Mama, which is an E Magazine for beautiful mama’s and mama’s to be who want the best possible health for their bundles of joy.
In my feature, I share my journey to wellness and how I keep myself, and my family so healthy. I also talk about my experience of becoming a mother to my two beautiful children, Matthew and Miranda, and now a grandmother to my gorgeous Flynn. You will also get an exclusive sneak peek at Breakfast Solutions, which is coming out later this year!
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Head over to iTunes now to download your copy of the issue, or click this link
You can also subscribe to Organic Mama and receive their monthly issues for less than $4.00 per month!
A huge thank you to the amazing team at Organic Mama for creating such a wonderful feature that I am so very proud of.
Sending you all much love, grace and gratitude,

Chiropractor cleared, yet no retraction by the program which based their entire story on something that didn’t happen!


Previously on the ABC Program Catalyst, a Chiropractor was accused of fracturing a child’s neck. It is interesting, yet not surprising that while the “bad news” in relation to the Chiropractor in question and the continued scrutiny of the Chiropractic profession was broadcast far and wide by the ABC, the actual findings in the court case surrounding this particular child have gone unmentioned.
Why is that?
Sadly, the Chiropractic Profession no doubt has been damaged unnecessarily by these accusations. To my knowledge as at the date of this post there has not been any retraction by the ABC Catalyst program who in my opinion used the story of the baby with the supposed “fractured neck” (being caused by the Chiropractor in question) to fuel the attack on Chiropractic.

Here is the result of the court case as published in “The Australian” yesterday: 16 October 2013.
‘The Australian’ reported today “Chiropractor has been CLEARED over claims a baby’s neck was broken during a treatment”.
After initial menacing reports by Fairfax papers (and their journalists who are affiliated with the Friends of Science in Medicine) this statement is welcomed by parents and chiropractors but is only a small compensation for the deliberate attack on the chiropractic profession.
The antics and aggressive strategies used by the Friends of Science in Medicine are embarrassing to many paediatricians, medical specialists, neurologists and surgeons who work cohesively with chiropractors for the greater good of our health care system.
CAA Media Release – 16 October, 2013;
The Australian has uncovered the expert report commissioned by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the report shows the baby did not have a broken neck in the first place.
The baby had a condition known as congenital spondylolysis, a malformation of the spine and it can run in families.

The father of the baby had a similar congenital condition.

The congenital condition is rare but it can be confused with “hangman’s fracture.”
The AHPRA commissioned independent expert found in any event, the Chiropractor did not apply sufficient force to cause a fracture.
National President of the CAA, Dr Laurie Tassell said, “The Chiropractor could not and did not cause an injury to the child.”
“The CAA is outraged that the AMA and its camp followers have launched a campaign to stop Chiropractors treating children based on an alleged injury that never happened.”
“It is shameful that the entire Chiropractic profession has been smeared and attacked, over something that did not occur.”
“AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton should apologise for his public comments on this matter.”
“Queensland MP Dr Alex Douglas should admit that his attack on the Chiropractic profession was also based on ignorance of the facts” said Dr Tassell.
One would hope that comments and stories are based on fact and/or made by people who are at least educated and not ignorant of the facts.
Here’s the link to the court findings for your record: Chiropractor cleared over break


The Chiropractic Profession is being attacked unnecessarily by the Medical Profession simply because approximately 18% of Australians now visit a Chiropractor and that is, again in my opinion, a real challenge for the medical based institution we find ourselves living under.
From what I know of the Chiropractic Association and the many Chiropractors who I have had the privilege of being treated by, their aim is to offer natural therapies and treatments that work hand in hand with traditional medicine, not against it. The goal is to educate and make people aware of what natural treatment and health alternatives are available so that they can then choose accordingly, and at the very least make informed choices. This goal aligns perfectly with who I am and with everything I personally stand for. It is about Pro-Choice.