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“The mysteries of the crown chakra cannot be explained, only experienced.” – Anodea Judit
The crown chakra is a mystery, yet our relationship with this chakra will determine our relationship with our Soul, with Spirit, with God, with Allah, with the Universe, however you want to frame it in your belief system. For some of us, our crown chakra may be over-active, and we exist in a world dominated by spiritual visions, and a lack of appreciation of the body, and its sacred role in allowing us to live and learn here, now, in this life. An under-active crown chakra, on the other hand, could see us struggle to even grasp the concepts of Soul, or of God, of Allah, or of the Universal Spirit.
However, when our crown chakra is balanced, we are transformed by this spiritual connection, via our body. When we ground our spiritual expression through our physical body, the transformation that follows is a joyous path of discovery and wisdom to our true selves, body and soul.
The crown chakra is our gateway to higher realms of consciousness. This chakra’s Sanskrit name, Sahasrara, means thousandfold, a direct reference to the thousand-petalled lotus, sacred to Hindus. According to ancient tradition, this thousand-petalled lotus sits at the crown of the head and represents enlightenment, wholeness and infinity.
By tapping into the crown chakra we can live more spiritually, bringing a sense of the sacred into our everyday life. By connecting with our crown chakra, we can become more aware and mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions and bodies. As this awareness develops, our sensitivity grows. This increased psychic sensitivity enhances a deeper connection with ourselves and with others, allowing us to live in a more soulful and spiritual way. Through connecting with our crown chakra, we can begin to find value and depth in the most simple of our daily experiences.
Awakening the crown chakra opens us to what Carl Jung called the Self, the archetype representing wholeness and completion. The crown chakra is the gateway to your own true Self, and working with this chakra can guide us towards self-realisation (or what Maslow called “self-actualisation”). When our true Self manifests in this world, we have reached our highest (in this life) potential and unified our personality as a whole. The full birth of the Self via this strong connection and awakening of the crown chakra gives us an entirely different attitude towards life, and a truly enlightening transformation has taken place.
When our crown chakra is truly awakened, life becomes both peaceful and joyful. As we move more fully into the present through mindfulness, the binds of the past and the worries of the future lessen their hold. Every moment is soulfully lived, and life becomes simpler, yet more meaningful.

Evaluating your crown chakra:
Simply answer YES or NO to each of the statements below. If you score more than four Nos it may indicate that your crown chakra is imbalanced. If you score four or more YES answers, wonderful! You are on the path to balance in your Crown chakra, and hence to fulfilment of your highest potential in this life!
∆ I meditate regularly
∆ My spirituality and my daily life co-exist happily
∆ I feel connected to a universal consciousness beyond that which is mine alone
∆ I truly know that my soul has a life beyond the constraints of this body
∆ I take regular time out for self-reflection
∆ I empathise easily with other living beings
∆ I am aware of, and sometimes actually feel, the existence of spirit guides, angels, and non-physical beings
Balancing your crown chakra:
Chakradance® – The Dance of the Soul
The dance of the crown chakra is a devotional dance, one in a long line of dances that embrace the religious and the spiritual. In ancient Shamanic practice, from the Celts to the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Asia, dance was used to commune with the spirits. In Ancient Egypt certain ritual dances were crucial to the successful outcome of religious rites. In Chakradance we open the gateway to the soul through this meditative sacred dance. This is a dancing prayer; our soul’s turn to dance.
In our classes, we complete the dance of the soul with the creation of a personal “mandala” artwork, which we find helps to integrate and contain the energy that has come up during the dance.
For more information on Chakradance classes and music specifically to dance the crown chakra go to
Crown chakra crystals

Clear quartz, diamond, white jade.
These crystals may be placed on the location of the crown chakra (on the top of your head) for clearing, revitalising and healing. You may even choose to carry one of these crystals with you throughout your day.
Crown chakra oils

Frankincense, rosemary.
These oils can be used in massage treatments, burned in an oil burner or you may even add a few drops in to your bath.
“I am connected to and supported by everything in the universe.”

“I am open to experiencing my true nature.”

“I know my purpose for being on this planet and take joy in walking my unique path.”

“Each day, I become more conscious.”

“I walk the path of enlightenment.”

“I release all limited thoughts and lift myself up to higher levels of awareness.”

“I am one with the universe.”
Throughout this week, devote time every day for your crown chakra affirmations. Perhaps imagine yourself sitting in the lotus of the crown chakra and let the brilliant white light flood through you as you say and embody these healing words.
5 Top Tips for balancing your crown chakra:
1. Practice meditation or relaxation daily (even if only for a few brief minutes). This helps quieten the mind, making the connection to Spirit more accessible.

2. Develop your own relationship with Spirit, whether this be with God, Allah, the Universe, angels, spirit guides, or whatever higher source you acknowledge. Trust what feels right for you.

3. Regularly ask for higher guidance and let these spiritual forces guide you. Remain open to inspiration (when you become inspired, you are in-spirit.)

4. Commit to your own personal spiritual practice.

5. Try to embody spiritual lessons in your every day life, and give regular thanks.
Sparkling cord of light:
Close your eyes and imagine that a sparkling cord of light is pulling ever so smoothly, ever so gently, from the top of your head – almost like a crown umbilical cord. You look up and see that this cord travels high up into the sky, and is connected to the whole Universe. Spend a few minutes sitting in silence with your awareness on this connection. When you are ready, open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room.
Everyday ways to balance your crown chakra:
Wear the colour violet, or pure white, and bring these colours into your home. Try to put some time aside every day to make a connection to Spirit … a simple prayer, thanks, or a request for guidance. Bring a sense of the sacred into your everyday life – light a candle and reflect, give thanks for meals etc. Also take some time this week to find a genuine humility and gratitude – for your life, for your spiritual connection, and for all that you have and enjoy in this life!
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