Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.13.00 PMDivine By Therese Kerr in conjunction with Danielle and David Shirley of Naturally Home and in association with The Mindd Foundation has the greatest pleasure of bringing you “The Human Experiment” — a documentary every person committed to their health and the health of future generations should take the time to see…

Activist Sean Penn narrates the powerful and at times somewhat disturbing documentary “The Human Experiment”.
Detailing the alarming use of chemicals in society, in our personal, skin, hair, beauty, food, clothes and general household items, “The Human Experiment” showcases the growth and power of the chemical industry since WWII and asks the provocative question – Have we unwillingly and unknowingly become the Human Experiment?
Unfortunately in Australia, just like America, we are on the side of industry, assuming products or chemicals are safe until proven otherwise. In Europe the opposite is true and we would do well to adopt their precautionary principles and reassess our approach. Research is increasingly showing that there is a definitive link between our home environment (the toxins in our homes – what we put in and on our bodies) and cancer, allergies, Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s), infertility and endocrine disruptive illnesses. Babies are being born with on average 232 chemicals in their umbilical cord – surely there is a point where we have to question our choices… Is that point now?
I am passionate about creating awareness and having our homes and our bodies be chemical free. I created, certified organic personal care products to provide healthier alternatives for the everyday products like toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, mouth rinse, shampoo, conditioner – replacing the unsafe conventional products that sadly so many people use every day, most of us unaware of the detrimental effects of the chemicals in these products. My goal is to change that. When we are educated, we have the ability to make informed choices for our health.