We believe that health is our most valuable human asset.

As a brand and a circle of women we are looking to be a voice that stands for the health of our future.

The most recent report from the World Health Organisation (2102) states that;

Semen quality has dropped by 40%

Genital malformation in baby boys has increased by 400%.

Miscarriages / Pre-term pregnancy – at an all time high

It’s time to look clearly at the causes of these health challenges and seek new choices for our selves.

FACT ; Chemicals are being used in cosmetics/personal care products in Australia.  The majority are released onto the market on the basis that they are safe until proven unsafe.  

With 60% of these chemicals soaking directly into our bloodstream (& more so, if they are applied under your tongue, under arms or genitalia) …

Certified Organic is simply our best choice for us & our children if we are seeking to avoid synthetic chemicals in our lifestyle choices.

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