Why was the Divine Company created?

The Divine Company, Divine Woman and Divine Man products are now available in Australia (http://www.thedivinecompany.com.au) America (http://www.thedivinecompany.com) and online only in parts of Asia (see our Divine Company WeChat channel for information on how to be an online stockist.

So how did it all begin…

During my own wellness journey I became educated on many things: what healthy food was, how chemicals in food (pesticides, insecticides, organophosphates, colourings, food additives, preservatives, artificial flavor enhances, etc) and chemicals in our everyday personal and skin care products were hindering our health.

Having tumours in my spleen at 36 was the paradigm shift we all experienced as a family. It was from that point on and my having an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning that we discovered as a family what health really was. We are still learning….

I was blessed to meet Bill Statham, the author of The Chemical Maze – an App and a book that literally ignited my passion for sharing information on the impacts of chemicals (see educational tools).

I couldn’t unlearn it what Bill taught me, moreover, because of our public profile as a family I couldn’t remain quiet and feel good about not speaking up and so The Divine Company was born. As fate would have it (the universe always provides) we attracted the right business partners who are aligned with our values and like us, determined to educate and empower others. Educating without providing solutions is pointless, so we set about formulating and creating the highest quality, certified organic products on the market today, products that support not hinder health in every aspect.

I now know in my heart that the reason my husband and I couldn’t have any more children than the two gorgeous children we have in Matty and Miranda (Miranda’s website: http://www.mirandakerr.com and Matty’s website: https://nannakerrskitchen.com.au is because of what I personally did to my own body.

I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt in my own heart that having Hashimoto’s (grossly underactive thyroid) then tumours in my spleen was, again the result of what I personally did to myself and the lifestyle I lead and, up until I knew otherwise, I thought was relatively healthy. Most of us wait for our “ah-ha” moment when we have to choose health. I implore you don’t wait until you have to, you can become a proactive participant in your own health now.

People understand there is a need to be careful as to what we eat as more and more Naturopath’s and Nutritionists speak out about that subject and many more are now joining in on the chorus that I have been championing for over 16 years – one of creating awareness of the need to be responsible for what we put on our skin. See Chemicals in cosmetics, Babies being born pre-polluted and the section on skin absorption on my website.

Our organs, skin and body needs to be clean and as toxin free as possible for it to function effectively and to avoid disease. Diseases have become all-to-common-place, especially hormone-related disorders and cancers.

Chemicals cause oxidative stress on the body, oxidative stress causes illness and ageing.
But….. You literally can change the way you age…

At The Divine Company we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality Australian Made, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) personal care, men’s care, baby and age defying Spa Grade skincare products. Our products are GMO free, contain 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free and proudly Australian Made and Owned.

You can change the way you age by simply removing the chemical burden you place on your body daily and replacing it with healthy, certified organic, clinically proven, age-defying skincare products that produce revolutionary results without placing an unwanted chemical burden on your body.